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Pinterest Social Media Marketing Services

pinterest logoPinterest Social Media Marketing Services helping your Pinterest account gain more followers and likes in turn increasing SEO, Website traffic, online exposure.

Pinterest is labeled a social network, but, similar to YouTube, it actually functions more like a search engine. Rather than posting status updates, users search for products, quotes, ideas, or images that they want to pin to their own boards or share with others. Users not only pin or “like” items they discover on Pinterest, but 87% of users have purchased something because of Pinterest.

There is so much research into Pinterest’s growing market because Pinterest works for business branding. Including keywords into pinned photos, content from your own website, and even infographics and listicles are simple SEO strategies that work miracles across Pinterest. On Pinterest, you have a continuous feed of the people whom you follow. The thing that’s different about Pinterest is that if you know someone who is really reliable about pinning great content, you can go to their account because you know they are a great source. Those pins will be there within that board forever, until they take them down or decide to delete them. Pinterest is more like Twitter than Facebook, because with Facebook you’re not likely to see everything that someone posts in a day within your newsfeed. It depends on how many accounts you follow and how active they are.

The power of Pinterest is lucrative for every industry, from the restaurant scene to the real estate market and everything in between. We work with you to create and manage custom Pinterest campaigns that refine the image and vision of your company or brand and help you effectively project it to the world. Pinterest is has quickly become one of the most-used social media outlets, now boasting over 80 million users worldwide.

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