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Facebook Website Design

Many of our clients over the years have asked us to create a Facebook type of website for them. We have done several websites that have the full function out of box of Facebook.


Why have a Social Website?

  • Start your own modern social network community with better engagement tool for your clubs, intranets, enterprises, large corporations and many other social websites.
  • Customized registration workflow based on specific membership requirements of your social network site.
  • Smooth and seamless blog layout integration with major Joomla templates in the market.
  • Highly extensible, with the ability to create your own application and tools within EasySocial.
  • Top quality products backed by a team of experienced web developers with over 20 years of experience.


Some of the key features in a Social Website:

  • Achievements system that allows users to achieve badges when they perform specific actions on the site.
  • Groups allows users to collaborate with one another and it includes applications which enhances your group.
  • Events allows users to create meetups and schedule events. Attendees can also collaborate in event pages. Links with the user’s calendar as well.
  • Photo albums allows users on the site to host their albums and photos.
  • Highly customizable registration workflow to suit according to your community requirements.
  • Extensive privacy options for each user profile, posts and items on the activity stream.
  • Live community updates with live notifications and email notifications.
  • Allows Facebook users to quickly register on the site by signing up using their Facebook account.
  • Crowdsourcing by allowing users to report spam and abusive activities on the site.
  • Conversation (Private messaging) system that allows community users to communicate with one another.
  • Integrated points system that rewards your users when they perform specific actions on the site.
  • Migrate Community Builder with easy steps.
  • Integrations with Amazon S3 to host your files and photos.
  • File sharing allows users to share files on your social site.
  • Responsive layout which works with mobile and table devices out of the box.

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