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Craigslist Website Design

Many of our clients over the years have asked us to create a Craigslist type of website for them. We have done several websites that have the full function out of box of Craigslist, Backpage and Kijiji. Some of the functions include people signing in and adding their own ads, images and content. Some other functions we have added is a sponsored listing e-commerce add on so that you can make money from people paying to advertise on your website.

Features include:

1. Search classifieds by city, state, country, username, or keyword
2. Allow AdSense ads to be displayed
3. Control over HTML use in classifieds
4. Limit the text size of ad postings
5. Standard form fields can be enabled or disabled
6. Allow or disallow image posting with ads
7. Automatic expiration of ads (free or paid)
8. Configurable ad display for AdSense placement
9. Classified ads can have a “Tweet This” button in their layout
10. Classified ads can have a “Share on Facebook” button in their layout
11. Classified ads can be flagged by community for bad/offensive content
12. Classified ads can imported via CSV files
13. Classified ads now support embedded videos

Notification Features

1. Allow posters to be notified of expiring ads, renewals, and approvals of ads
2. Allow admin to be notified when new ads are posted, ads are edited and much more
3. Classified ad users can contact the ad poster without exposing email
4. Admin can (optionally) be notified of expiring ads

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