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Linkedin Social Media Marketing Services

Linkedin Social Media Marketing Services helping your Linkedin account gain popularity and followers which will help your online exposure, website traffic SEO. LinkedIn Groups help you stay informed and keep in touch with people that share your interests. You can create your own LinkedIn groups or join any number of groups that focus on your area of interest or expertise. Participating in LinkedIn Groups by adding value to the discussion is a great way to expand your circle of influence. Most marketing and social media professionals do not have a LinkedIn marketing or social-selling strategy aligned with revenue objectives. Yet, strategy is the biggest difference between a B2B sales or marketing team that drives demand and enjoys consistent revenue opportunities and one that just has a presence and lots of connections it does not engage with.

Statistically, very few small businesses use LinkedIn. But when you look at the rest of the numbers, you have to wonder why this is. It’s a large network of professionals, and is extremely successful for large companies.

Social media marketing is a science, as complex and data-driven as any SEO or content marketing activities. Hoffa Designs services provide a crystal-clear focus on reaching the right audience with the right content. It’s all about building relationships to drive ROI. Website visitors, blog links, Twitter mentions, Facebook fans and LinkedIn and Google+ connections are all numbers worth measuring.

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